Learn More About Our Farming Operations

While our award-winning beers may be our most well known agricultural product, our 54-Acre working farm produces much more!

Our Corn

As you enter the farm, on the right side of the driveway, you will see 14 acres of non-GMO corn. Every single beer brewed at Manor Hill uses this corn in its recipe. Different amounts for different beers, dictated by the style and desired taste. Our corn is harvested in late fall and put directly into our 20,000 lb silo (located adjacent to the parking lot). As needed, the corn is then augured directly into our brewery. From time to time, we also bag the corn and share it with other breweries as part of our collaborations.

Our Cows

On the left side of the driveway as you enter you will see our 12-acre cow pasture.  We typically host about 20-25 Black Angus Cattle on the farm from Spring to Fall.  They free-range graze on our grass and are also fed spent grain from the brewing process. The cows are often (but not always) visible from the public areas of the farm.  We sell Manor Hill Beef at our Farm Stand on weekends… cuts and availability may vary.

Our Chickens

Behind our Taproom and visible to guests, we have a coop with one rooster (Elvis) and approximately 30 egg-laying hens.  In total, there are 11 different varieties/breeds of chickens in our coop, including Leghorn, Rhode Island Red, Silver-Laced Wyandotte, Ameraucana. Polish Hen, Delaware, Olive Egger, Welsummer, Buff Orpington, Saphhire Gem, and Easter Egger.  The Informational Kiosk outside of the coop explains the particulars of each breed in more detail.

Our Goats

Next to our chicken coop and also accessible for guests is our goat enclosure featuring Mary and Gilbert, a mother and son set of Pygmy Goats.  They were adopted from our neighboring farm Clark’s Elioak and are a welcome addition to Manor Hill.  Goats love to climb, so we built them a set of stairs.  They are friendly, they love to eat (goats are herbivores), and they enjoy socializing with guests each weekend.

Our Bees

Further back behind the brewery and out of sight from the public are several honey bee hives. Our Lead Brewer (Brandon) serves as our beekeeper, making sure they are thriving and happy.  Along with our fruit and vegetable gardens, we also have fruit trees and flowers nearby the hives for the honey bees to pollenate. Limited jars of our wildflower honey are sold at our farm stand during the summer.

Our Gardens

Last, but certainly not least, is our array of gardens on the farm.  Most of our gardens are not visible or accessible to guests as they are located behind the brewery.  The most visible garden is located near our “Take Care of the Land” mural.  These gardens produce fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs that are used in our specialty beers and are also sold at our on-site seasonal farm stand.

Join us on the farm for first come, first serve seating on Fridays (4-9pm), Saturdays (12-7pm), and Sundays (12-7pm).  The most up-to-date information on visiting the farm can be found here.

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